UNC Sheepshead movements

Project Title:
MATOS Project Code:
Data Type:
Project Duration:
Project Description:
  1. Locate overwintering habitats
  2. Understanding timing of migration
  3. Determine spawning locations
  4. Learn migratory patterns
Management Benefits:
  1. This information will help inform future policy and management decisions.
Principal Investigator:  Lewis Naisbett-Jones (University of North Carolina Institute of Marine Sciences )
Email: lnaisbettjones@gmail.com
    Point of Contact:  Lewis Naisbett-Jones
    Email: lnaisbettjones@gmail.com
      1. Jeff Buckle (Center of Marine Sciences and Technology)
      2. Jim Morley (East Carolina University - Coastal Studies Institute)
      3. Joel Fodrie (University of North Carolina - CH)
      Participating Organizations:
      1. Center of Marine Sciences and Technology
      2. ECU Coastal Studies Institute
      3. University of North Carolina Department of Biology
      4. University of North Carolina Institute of Marine Sciences
      1. NC Division of Marine Fisheries