Micah Kieffer

Project Title:
MATOS Project Code:
Data Type:
Project Duration:
Project Description:
  1. Critical habitat
  2. Reproduction
  3. Migration
  4. Life history
Management Benefits:
  1. Critical habitat identification
  2. Annual movement pattern identification
  3. Spawning migration corridor identification
Principal Investigator:  Micah Kieffer (Conte Anadromous Fish Research Laboratory)
Email: mkieffer@usgs.gov
    Point of Contact:  Micah Kieffer
    Email: mkieffer@usgs.gov
      Participating Organizations:
      1. Merrimack River Watershed Council
      2. Maine Department of Marine Resources
      3. Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries
      4. Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife
      5. University of Maine
      6. Massachusetts Natural Heritage Endangered Species Program
      7. National Marine Fisheries Service
      8. New Hampshire Fish and Game Department
      9. New England University
      10. Portsmouth Naval Shipyard