MADMF GOM Winter Flounder Studies

Project Title:
MATOS Project Code:
Data Type:
Project Duration:
Project Description:
  1. Document costal movements of winter flounder after leaving the estuary
  2. Document site fidelity, immigration, and emigration in an urban estuary
  3. Determine time and location of spawning
Management Benefits:
  1. Add to body of knowledge of GOM winter flounder
  2. Update TOY restrictions used to manage winter flounder in the Boston Harbor and MA Bay estuaries
Principal Investigator:  William Hoffman (Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries)
    Point of Contact:  William Hoffman
      1. Dr. Adrian Jordaan and Katrina Zarrella-Smith (Umass-Amherst)
      Participating Organizations:
      1. University of Massachusetts - Amherst
      2. Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries