Navy Kennebec ME Telemetry Array

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MATOS Project Code:
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Project Duration:
Project Description:
  1. Monitoring year round presence and migration of Shortnose Sturgeon in Lower Kennebec
  2. Monitoring year round presence and migration of Atlantic Sturgeon in Lower Kennebec
  3. Document coastal movements of fish offshore Popham Beach: sturgeon, striped bass, white sharks
  4. Monitor sturgeon activity in proximity of Bath Iron Works
Principal Investigator:  Joseph Iafrate (Naval Undersea Warfare Center Newport)
    Point of Contact:  Joseph Iafrate
      1. Craig King (ME DMR)
      2. Jason Bartlett (ME DMR)
      3. Gail Wippelhauser (ret)
      4. Joe Zydlewski (UMaine)
      5. Ian Trefry (Navy)
      6. Micah Kieffer (USGS)
      7. Gayle Zydlewski (UMaine)
      8. Mike O'Brien (UMCES)
      Participating Organizations:
      1. State of Maine Department of Marine Resources
      1. Navy