NCDMF Sturgeon Tagging Study

Project Title:
MATOS Project Code:
Data Type:
Project Duration:
Project Description:
  1. Detect incidences of inter-basin transfer
  2. Develop, test, and implement a genetic aging technique using telomeres
  3. Seasonal and spawning migration patterns
Management Benefits:
  1. Development, validation, implementation of alternative genetic-based aging technique using telomeres
  2. Gain better understanding of riverine and near coastal movements for sturgeon species
Principal Investigator:  Michael S. Loeffler (North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries)
    Point of Contact:  Ami Staples
      1. Chip Collier (North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries)
      2. Joe Facendola (North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries)
      Participating Organizations:
      1. North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries
      2. North Carolina State University
      3. University of Georgia
      4. South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
      1. NOAA Section 6: NA10NMF4720036