BOEM Livin' Large and Low

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Project Description:
  1. Understand how ecological and behavioral drivers influence risk to species under consideration
  2. Quantify the amount of time species under consideration spend within BOEM activity areas
  3. Describe fine scale behavior of species under consideration
  4. Collaborate with local commercial fishing partners for data collection
Principal Investigator:  Sarah Driscoll (Blue World Research Institute) (Mid - Atlantic Acoustic Telemetry Observation System)
    Point of Contact:  Sarah Driscoll
      1. Eric Reyier (BOEM)
      2. Jamison Smith (BWRI)
      3. Bonnie Ahr (BWRI)
      4. Dave Cade (BWRI)
      5. Alasdair Davies (Arribada Initiative)
      6. Jake Levenson (BOEM)
      7. Mike Rasser (BOEM)
      Participating Organizations:
      1. Blue World Research Institute (BWRI)