UNH - Coastal New England MBON - Atlantic cod

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Principal Investigator:  Nathan Furey (Mid - Atlantic Acoustic Telemetry Observation System)
Email: Nathan.Furey@unh.edu
    Point of Contact:  Nathan Furey
    Email: Nathan.Furey@unh.edu
      1. Alison Watts (UNH)
      2. Elizabeth Craig (UNH)
      3. Riley Young-Morse (GMRI)
      4. Jackie Motyka (NERACOOS)
      5. Graham Sherwood (GMRI)
      Participating Organizations:
      1. NERACOOS
      2. Gulf of Maine Research Institute
      1. NOAA
      2. Marine Biodiversity Observation Network
      3. NOPP
      4. Office of Naval Research