SERC Cownose Ray Study

Project Title: Cownose Ray Habitat Use and Migration
MATOS Project Code: CBCNR
Project Duration: May 2014
Project Description: The Cownose Ray is an ecologically important batoid ray in coastal areas of the western North Atlantic. This study seeks to identify patterns in habitat use throughout the annual migration along the US Atlantic Coast.
  1. Document patterns of habitat use and migration of the Cownose Ray along the US Atlantic Coast
  2. Evaluate the potential for philopatry.
Management Benefits:
  1. Matthew Ogburn (Smithsonian Environmental Research Center)
  2. Charles Bangley (SERC)
  3. Robert Fisher (VIMS)
  4. Matt Ajemian (FAU)
  5. Carla Curran (SSU)
  6. Rob Aguilar (SERC)
  7. Anson H. Hines (SERC)
Participating Organizations:
  1. Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
  2. Virginia Institute of Marine Science
  3. Florida Atlantic University Harbor Branch
  4. Savannah State University
  1. Smithsonian Institution