SERC Blue Catfish Study

Project Title: Habitat Use and Trophic Dynamics of the Invasive Blue Catfish in Chesapeake Bay
MATOS Project Code: CBBCF
Project Duration: August 2013 - December 2017
Project Description: This project uses acoustic telemetry to understand the habitat use patterns of invasive blue catfish in Chesapeake Bay in combination with diet information to understand impacts on food webs. The primary study area is the Patuxent River, Maryland.
  1. Document impacts of invasive Blue Catfish on Chesapeake Bay food webs.
Management Benefits:
  1. Matthew Ogburn (Smithsonian Environmental Research Center)
  2. Rob Aguilar (SERC)
  3. Anson H. Hines (SERC)
Participating Organizations:
  1. Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
  1. Smithsonian Institution