Project Title: PAST: The Potomac and Atlantic Striped Bass Telemetry Study
MATOS Project Code: PASbT
Project Duration: January 2014 - March 2018
Project Description: Track a representative group of 100 Potomac River striped bass over a multi-year period within the Potomac River and across major regions and tributaries of the Chesapeake and the Atlantic Coast.
  1. What sizes and sexes principally leave the Chesapeake Bay?
  2. How are seasonal migrations timed with changes in temperature and flow?
  3. Where do resident fish go?
  4. What other estuaries and coastal regions do Potomac River striped bass visit?
  5. What is the timing of spawning runs in the Potomac? Do adults spawn every year?
Management Benefits:
  1. Mike O'Brien (UMCES) obrien@umces.edu
  2. David Secor (UMCES)
Participating Organizations:
  1. University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
  2. Maryland Department of Natural Resources
  3. Potomac River Fisheries Commission
  1. Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission