SERC Acoustic Telemetry Arrays

Project Title: SERC Acoustic Telemetry Arrays
MATOS Project Code: SERC1
Project Duration: August 2013
Project Description: The Smithsonian Environmental Research Center is engaged in acoustic telemetry projects on a variety of coastal and estuarine species through the Smithsonian Movement of Life Initiative. This project integrates the data for all of our receiver arrays currently deployed from Maryland to Florida. Array deployments target waterways local to our site in Edgewater, Maryland and also fill gaps between major receiver arrays along the US Atlantic coast.
Management Benefits:
  1. Matthew Ogburn (Smithsonian Environmental Research Center)
  2. Robert Aguilar
  3. Charles Bangley
Participating Organizations:
  1. Coastal Ocean Research and Monitoring Program
  2. Maryland Department Natural Resources
  3. Coastal Carolina University
  1. Smithsonian Institution
  2. Aramco Services Company