UMCES BOEM Offshore Wind Energy

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Project Description:
  1. Develop a predictive habitat model for across habitats centered on the MD WEA
  2. Habitat and fish size correlates of seasonal habitat incidence and transit time
  3. Regional selection of MD WEA versus adjacent inshore and offshore areas
  4. Depth of occurrence for tagged Potomac River striped bass
  5. Striped bass and Atlantic sturgeon seasonal incidence and transit rates within the MD WEA
  6. Implant 40 Potomac River striped bass (total length > 80 cm) with depth transponding transmitters
  7. Deploy and maintain twenty VEMCO Acoustic Release receivers in a quasi-central composite design
Principal Investigator:  Dave Secor (Mid - Atlantic Acoustic Telemetry Observation System)
    Point of Contact:  Mike O'Brien
      1. Helen Bailey (UMCES-CBL)
      2. Ellie Rothermel (UMCES-CBL)
      Participating Organizations:
      1. University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
      1. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
      1. Rothermel, E. et al. 2020: