UMCES-CBL BOEM Offshore Wind Energy

Project Title: Movement and Habitat Selection by Migratory Marine Fishes within the Maryland Wind Energy Area and Adjacent Reference Sites
MATOS Project Code: MDWEA
Project Duration: November 2016 - December 2018
Project Description: 1. Deploy and maintain (triannual cruises) twenty VEMCO Acoustic Release receivers in a quasi-central composite design, providing intensive coverage of the MD WEA and sufficient statistical coverage of the area of potential effect. 2. Implant 40 large Potomac River striped bass (total length > 80 cm) with depth transponding acoustic transmitters. 3. Analyze Atlantic sturgeon and striped bass detection data to determine, a. Seasonal incidence and transit rates within the MD WEA b. Depth of occurrence for tagged Potomac River striped bass c. Regional selection of MD WEA versus adjacent inshore and offshore areas d. Habitat and fish size correlates of seasonal habitat incidence and transit time 4. Develop a predictive habitat model for across both inshore and offshore habitats centered on the MD WEA 5. Share detection data through the Atlantic Coast Telemetry Network and the Mid-Atlantic Telemetry Observing System (MATOS).
Management Benefits:
  1. Mike O'Brien (UMCES)
  2. Dave Secor (UMCES-CBL)
Participating Organizations: