Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Project Title: Spawning movement behaviors, habitat dependencies and run size of Nanticoke River Atlantic sturgeon
MATOS Project Code: 21666
Project Duration: July 2019 - June 2022
Project Description: Recovery planning for Atlantic sturgeon requires estimates of population abundances against which to evaluate takes and develop feasible restoration targets. We will develop an approach combining telemetry and multi-beam sonar (ARIS: Adaptive Resolution Imaging Sonar) to estimate spawning run size in the Nanticoke River Estuary, which supports a newly discovered yet potentially critically endangered population within Chesapeake Bay DPS.
Management Benefits:
  1. Chuck Stence (Maryland Department of Natural Resources)
  2. Chuck Stence (MDNR)
  3. Ian Park (DEDFW)
  4. Dave Secor (UMCES-CBL)
Participating Organizations:
  2. Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife