BTWaves Caribbean Acoustic Tagging

Project Title: Beneath the Waves acoustic tagging in the Caribbean
MATOS Project Code: BTW1A
Project Duration: February 2018
Project Description: We are implanting various species of sharks in the Bahamas with internal acoustic transmitters and monitoring their habitat use throughout the year with fixed receiver stations. Efforts are focusing primarily on Caribbean reef sharks, which are a strong model species due to their abundance, coastal life histories, economic importance through diving, and similarities to reef sharks in other parts of the world.
  1. Learn migratory patterns
  2. Understand how sharks are using marine sanctuary in Bahamas waters
Management Benefits:
  1. Austin Gallagher (Beneath the Waves)
Participating Organizations:
  1. Lush
  2. Oceana
  3. Virgin Unite
  4. Pelagic
  5. University of Miami
  6. The International SeaKeepers Society
  7. Florida International University
  8. Cape Eleuthera Institute